Exponential Leadership

#102 Vivek Chandrashekaran - How much of a role does relationship play in leadership?

November 07, 2021 Eksteen de Waal Season 1 Episode 2
Exponential Leadership
#102 Vivek Chandrashekaran - How much of a role does relationship play in leadership?
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Is the primary function of leaders is to produce more leaders? Ralph Nader thinks so, and you?


Executive experience with a track record in delivering growth mandates. Vivek’s focus has been on driving commercial best practice and customer intimacy in Internet, Technology & Telco/Cable businesses (geographies: Benelux, Germany, UK). Entrepreneurial experience in building a high performance product organization for a global online subscription business. 10+ years top-tier strategy consulting and private equity advisory experience across Western Europe and the US. 


He begins with talking about how leaders need to be objective, but still need to network. This leads him to talk about a leader’s responsibilities which he defines as Mastery, Autonomy, and Purpose. We also discuss the problems young people face, such as stagnation, but also how academic qualifications are not the only thing needed to succeed  in today's companies. We then spend some time discussing the type of relationships leaders have with those they lead and the role of criticism. We finish by considering if people are sleepwalking zombies and need a burning platform to wake them up.


Vivek spoke about how there used to be a narrow definition of success within firms such as consultancy and banking. In more recent years there does seem to be the appearance of being more inclusive. We have had two crises in as many decades. The impact on our youth is widely felt. I am not sure that organizations are realising that the youth are changing in their expectations. What will our future workforce look like? What will they desire and what will they demand? Maybe the answer is staring us in the face, and it would be as big a change as Keynesian economics. Perhaps we will just need an existential crisis to embrace it.

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