Exponential Leadership

#104: Vlad Lakcevic - Complex Adaptive Systems, Personnel and Innovation

November 21, 2021 Eksteen de Waal Season 1 Episode 4
Exponential Leadership
#104: Vlad Lakcevic - Complex Adaptive Systems, Personnel and Innovation
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General Powell said that great leaders are great simplifiers, offering a solution everyone can understand? What do you think?

Vlada started his career in strategy consulting under the leadership of Tim Hough, former Managing Partner of Bain & Company’s Johannesburg office. Tim was an astonishing leader, mentor and strategist who helped fast-track Vlada’s career within the industry. 
Effective in engaging with stakeholders throughout the life cycle of consulting projects, from the sales process to implementation where necessary. He has presented to Board-level Executives and has worked collaboratively with culturally and functionally diverse teams across 14 different countries. 
Specialising in strategy, business model and organisational design, Vlada prides himself on delivering excellence in all that he does, and has consistently achieved excellent feedback from organisations about the quality of products and strategies delivered to date. 
Since joining NIBC he has worked closely with ExCo members to lead strategy and organisational design projects that have reshaped the organisation and continue to work in identifying and implementing organisational bottlenecks that may impede their strategic intent. 


We talk at great length about organisations as complex adaptive systems. This is especially relevant as we work more from home and connections become more tenuous. 

He tells us how an underlying purpose is essential to join a large operation together. We then talk about managing people and how personnel need to be suited to the context the business operates in. We move onto talking about how the pace of innovation is increasing, the fact people need to adapt, and the challenge inherent in that in both the long and short term.


Vlad said that a leader may excel in a business at one stage of its life, and yet become irrelevant in a very short space of time when the business enters a new phase or the environment changes. It is a little scary on a personal level, but I think if we learn to dance in the moment and move like the proverbial willow in the wind, we can see the change for what it is and adapt. Rigidity is our biggest enemy as a leader.

Youtube: https://youtu.be/g7psaPFkDk8
Blog: https://exponentially.me/podcasts/004/

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