Exponential Leadership

#204: Get Your Priorities Right! | Jackie Handy

March 10, 2022 Eksteen de Waal Season 2 Episode 4
Exponential Leadership
#204: Get Your Priorities Right! | Jackie Handy
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Today I’m speaking to Jackie Handy. Her mission is “ensure everyone feels safe, valued and understood at work”. She’s the creator of the BRAVEwork programme, which gives businesses training in diversity, equity and inclusion, but in a slow and manageable way. That the ethos she’s brought to her book, “the little book of belonging”, which is 52 weeks worth of simple ideas. She says inclusivity opens up a more motivated and successful workforce, and makes companies more trusted and respected. 

We start by discussing various labels and identifiers, such as sex, gender, cis and genderfluidity. We move on to talking about trans people in the workplace, and the difficulties of educating people and how often we can just be preaching to the converted. We talk about how tiny remarks can really add up when they come in droves. She gives us two tips for businesses, and the difficulties we’re all facing. We discuss problems of trust and mentality, and how to foster that in a hybrid working environment. We end by talking about the dichotomy of getting on with a task and being done with it, versus the human element of being part of a team.

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