Exponential Leadership

#202 | Love, Family Business, Africa | Beatrice Lukose

February 15, 2022 Eksteen de Waal Season 2 Episode 2
Exponential Leadership
#202 | Love, Family Business, Africa | Beatrice Lukose
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Today my guest is the queen of love and the queen of the african mindset, Dr Beatrice Lukose. She started out at the slopes of Mount Kenya, and has now travelled to Europe to be a speaker, diplomat, and mother. She’s the author of three books about healthy marriage, which are all well received. She’s also the European Coordinator of Women in Business Network, helping provide women in business access to European market opportunities. To list everything she does to help people will take the entire podcast. 

We begin by just trying to figure out what love is, and she speaks about the four pillars of love. She has a lot to say about how to manage being married business partners. We talk about the difference in connectedness between Europe and Africa, and how she felt in Europe the first time. I speak about somebody I know who used hostage negotiation techniques with his teenage kids, which leads us onto cognitive empathy and family relationships. We end by talking about the importance of random acts of kindness, and how much it can improve somebody’s day.

Does the phrase “leadership is a relationship” hold the same for all cultures? I’ve approached this thesis for the podcast somewhat as a human universal. However, speaking to Beatrice showed me the culture differences between Africa and Europe in terms of relationships. 
It sounds like it’s a much lesser jump to have such a dynamic in the workplace in Africa, and more complex in Europe. The motivations and incentives are different, socially, so the end result of that kind of approach is going to change. Perhaps in Europe it’s more novel, something to set the company apart and motivate people. I wonder what the response would be in the more socially minded Africa.  

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. 

~John Quincy Adams 

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